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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  June 21, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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this werth in the midwest coming up on "good morning america." >> yeah, that's what's making news in america. >> stay for us on "gma." have a wonderful tuesday. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead a major milestone in the afghan war. after 10 years of combat president obama is setting a time for the troops to return. good morning on this june 21. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. traffic and weather every ten minutes, as always. we start with adam caskey. >> near 90 degrees later this afternoon, compared with 80 degrees that we had yesterday.
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starting this morning with light rain not as widespread as yesterday. a little light shower over the bay and in baltimore. in western pennsylvania there's more heavy rain that should be pushing our way. 70 degrees downtown, 68 in frederick. a few morning showers here and there. then some clearing. becoming partly cloudy. highs today near 90 with increasing humidity. the humidity will be cranking up especially tomorrow. high temperatures again near 90. scattered afternoon storms. some could be severe tomorrow. very unsettled through the workweek. the chance of rain and assist the the workweek. clearing overnight construction around the beltway and of interest rates. normal travel times between
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baltimore and richmond. redeployed clearing overnight construction on the beltway and on the interstates. we still have wet pavement. watch for motorcycles. i saw several motorcycles on my way here. it is the season, so be careful on the slippery pavement. back to you. >> thank you. police investigating two mob attacks in woodbrige that left three people injured. the incidents happened blocks from each other, on saturday night on the jefferson davis parkway. two man suffered minor injuries. then a few minutes later a pizza delivery man was robbed and beaten so badly that he had to be airlifted to a hospital. >> it was around 10:00. >> the guy was laying here and had been hit in the head with something and was leading.
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>> the attackers are believed to be in their late teens and early 20's and at least 6 feet tall. a prince george's county firefighter recovering this morning after falling to a floor during a rescue. it happened at around 6:30 last night in bowie. officials say the firefighter suffered non-life threatening injuries and no one else was injured. no word on what sparked the fire. we are following a developing story from the white house. this could be the beginning of the end of the war in afghanistan. >> tomorrow president obama will outline a plan to withdraw u.s. troops from the 10-year-old conflict. we have a preview of the major announcements and the war where it currently stands. >> the afghan war is not worth the cost. president obama is set to announce tomorrow how many troops will be coming home. >> the president is in the
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process of finalizing decision on the pace and scope of the drawdown beginning july 2011. >> if we excel awaitaccelerate the withdrawal right now, we're going to lose the war. >> when you look at this installation on the ground in afghanistan, it is bleak. >> the size of the drawdown has to be enough to keep the president's promise. there's word that afghanistan remains too -- there is worry that afghanistan remains too fragile. >> brutal enemies of the afghan people and my people grow weary of our efforts here.
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>> a modest drawdowns would be no more than 5000 troops in the opinion of the military. but with the americans wanting less involvement and osama bin laden now dead a, some are suggesting a much larger number. they want the president to and take as many as 15,000 troops. first lady michelle obama's goodwill tour of africa picked into high gear. she will meet with the wife of nelson mandela as well as the south african president. she arrived yesterday with her family. in fairfax county its allies day of school and the last day ever at clifton elementary. the fight over the school's future could take a new twist. they hoped to reopen it as a charter school. that would make it a first charter school in fairfax county. the proposal needs state approval. the school board voted to close
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clifton because of declining enrollment and the high cost of renovation. some women battling walmart are not ready to give up their fight against the giant. >> and investors turned to washington on the economy. cali carlin from bloomberg headquarters in new york with more. >> good morning. the national association of realtors has its of report on existing home sales. economists expect it to show home sales dropped last month to the lowest levels of the year. it is a soft spot in the economic recovery. apparel reserve picks off a meeting on capitol hill today. they will talk about the debt ceiling and stimulus programs, as well as inflation and the european debt crisis. stock futures this morning are pointing to gains at the open. the case may not be closed for walmart after the supreme court yesterday said that the women failed to approve walmart did have a nationwide policy that
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led to gender discrimination. the women said that they will press their fight against the retailer in smaller lawsuits in lower courts. and they are seeking to talk with the equal employment opportunity commission. theft is on the decline. more on that in my next report. live at bloomberg headquarters cali carlin. 67 degrees right now 4:37. >> getting out the message about the dangers of smoking. we will tell you about big changes coming to cigarette packages, starting today. >> summer is here. it will feel
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welcome back. let's check on how this tuesday shaping up. >> this is the first official day of summer. it's right on time -- right on time, we are getting warmer weather. >> the summer solstice is at 1:16 p.m. today. looking at live super doppler and we were talking about the unsettled weather with rain chances every day. we have more areas of light rain this morning. not as widespread as yesterday.
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prince william county southward through bealeton and in stafford and spouts of a new county moving through fredericksburg as well. -- and spotsylvania county. southwestern pennsylvania as well. more development upstream. some of that could push into western maryland and the potomac highlands shortly. 70 degrees in the district, 68 in frederick right now. near 90 this afternoon. warmer than yesterday. becoming partly cloudy after the morning. we will cease and clearing the similar to yesterday early afternoon clearing with an isolated thunderstorm possible west of the metro area this afternoon and evening, mainly in the mountains. storm chances every day through friday. how was the traffic? >> it is okay. it was overnight construction on route 1 southbound in spotsylvania county. one lane is open to the left at 95.
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95 clearing up the road or between fredericksburg and springfield. here's a picture in maryland and another in virginia. maryland picture shows quiet traffic on wet pavement on 270 at 118. in virginia, close to the pentagon waiting for you. 67 degrees. >> coming up, jon huntsman is just hours away from this symbolic entrance to the white house race. >> the fire storm out west, the latest fight to contain
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welcome back. the republican presidential field is about to get a little larger. former utah governor jon huntsman is expected to throw his hat into the ring today. \ he will make it official during an event near the statue of liberty. he recently left his post as u.s. ambassador to china. after the announcement he will visit several key states. this crazed new york congressman anthony weiner officially stepped down today -- disgraced new york congressman. he resigned after he admitted sending a lewd photographs and e-mails to several women that he met on line. a special election will be held to fill his seat. 4:45.
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arizona, texas mexico, these are some states burning right now. the crews are using every tool in their arsenal and getting help from nasa as they planned a counterattack against the wildfires. diana has the latest from los angeles. >> these images show the scope of what the crews are dealing with. everything in red is burning. the wallow fire has burned more than 500,000 acres since it started in may. 51% contained, it is the largest fire in the state's history. the monuments fire reports thousands of people to evacuate and fire crews to retreat. the clams helped along by wind gusts of more than 50 miles an hour. senator john mccain speculated some of them may have been started by illegal immigrants. >> the parks were closed. everything was closed. circumstantially, it is very
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likely that it was. >> federal fire officials said there's no evidence to support that claim. arizona is not the only state suffering. wildfires are raging in seven states, scorching more than 1 million acres in the last few days. 4.3 million acres that burned this year are 2.5 times the national average already for the last 10 years. why so many fires in so many states? >> prolonged drought, more weather extremes. >> dry conditions are turning the brush into a tinder. the crews are having to spray the grass and shrubs. on sunday forced texas officials to close interstate 45 for five hours. diana alvear, abc news. parts of the midwest are picking up the pieces after tornadoes.
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there were a at least two dozen reports of them in nebraska and canada. a number of homes and buildings were damaged or destroyed. there were reports of hail and flooding. several people there were injured. now to the latest on the man who prompted a security scare the pentagon. yonathan melaku appeared in court in loudoun county yesterday on unrelated grand larceny charges. he was ordered held without bond. he was detained friday suspected of carrying a bomb-making material to arlington national cemetery. those materials were found to be harmless. the woman will claimed a bomb was on an airplane bound for reagan national said that she heard a message from god. on sunday the woman went to an airport ticket counter in dayton ohio, and said that it was on the u.s. airways jet. the airplane landed safely at reagan national and no explosives were found. if she was taken to a mental health facility. a 16-year-old boy include
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guilty to stabbing and beating another teenager at the national zoo. prosecutors say that mshairi alkebular attacked a 14-year-old boy in april. the judge ordered that he received counseling and he could face 20 years in prison. if he shows improvement, he could and upper with probation when he is sentenced in september. metro riders in the largest union of the transit agency held a first of its kind meeting last night, it focused on safety concerns. in the past couple weeks 3 metro employees have been assaulted. passengers complained about slow trains and rude operators. caught on tape a special motorcycle stolen. fairfax needs your help finding it. surveillance video shows someone stealing a purple bicycle from a parking lot on seminary road in
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alexandria last week. the owner is in the u.s. army and plans to decorates the bike with purple hearts in armor service members engaged in combat. anyone with information is asked to call police. 67 degrees this morning. >> are you getting the message? the fda wants to send smokers and new warning about cigarettes. >>
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almost 4:53 on this tuesday morning. adam caskey with your forecast. officials started a summer today at 1:16 p.m. we have areas of rain right now with an unsettled pattern. humidity will increase throughout the day. we have a chance of rain not just in a typical afternoon timeframe. up and down 95 in prince william county and through spotsylvania and fredericksburg, clipping culpeper at this time, a sprinkle. most of the action is in pennsylvania. even in southwestern pennsylvania. that is upstream. it's pushing southeast and will move into the potomac highlands and west virginia shortly.
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near 90 this afternoon, partly cloudy this midday and afternoon. like yesterday. clearing with sunshine this afternoon. storm chances all the way through friday. clearing out for the weekend. volume increasing, but looks pretty good. 95, no problems, looks good on 66 and 270. the pace of traffic is great on the beltway. to and from the wilson bridge looks good. no worries in springfield. that's our final camera. headlights are northbound. we are on our way back to the news desk. thank you. the federal government wants to make sure you are getting the message about smoking. beginning today a, it plans to release boulder more graphic labels on packages. >> jay korff shows us some of
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those direct messages. >> 46 million adults in the u.s. are smokers. 443,000 people die every year from smoking-related illnesses. the fda hopes that graphic warnings like these that could go on cigarette packages and ads by late 2012 may lower those numbers. >> that does not make me want to smoke. >> some illustrates smoking those addictive power while others show the danger associated with secondhand smoke. >> i agree. it is graphic. visuals can sometimes as a thousand words. >> of the new warnings will go on the front and back of the packages, the goal being to encourage smokers to quit or to never pick up maps. >> i think it will affect cigarettes sales. >> warnings that pack and emotional punch are more effective. >> if they don't already know cigarettes can kill and lead to
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all sorts of diseases. >> some of these images are spikes on -- are on, while others go too far this woman says. >> i don't think the extreme scare tactics are the way to go. >> they have 15 months to comply with the new rule, but some manufacturers are suing over the new labels. they suggest that by placing the warnings on the top half of the of the package, it prevents consumers from being able to see their brand name. that's on the bottom half of the package. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> very interesting. to see more images of these proposed warning labels, go to our web site. is where they are listed. 4:56, 67 degrees. much more ahead in the next half-hour. >> breaking news from overseas.
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coming up, president obama gets ready for a major announcement. when will u.s. troops come home from afghanistan? >> the final bell at a local elementary school, but some parents are not giving up the fight to keep the doors open. >> summer's officials start. how high


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